Huta Małapanew is a manufacturer of tubing, i.e. cases of mining shafts, tunnels or underground. Castings are made in the form of segments and are subject to prepared processing, and then assembled, which results in the emergence of tubing loop usually of the diameter from 5 to 9 meters. Huta Małapanew, as one of few foundries in the world, manufactures castings of tubing both from cast iron and cast steel simultaneously diversifying its scope of production, thanks to which it can satisfy requirements of the most demanding parameters of the given project.  

Tubing, manufactured in Huta Małapanew, is known for its high precision and reliability which allows for changing the assembly of tubing in the scope of various loops, acceptable degree of stress and high quality and obtained parameters of materials. All tubing are subject to comprehensive inspection at every stage of the production process (possibility of doing X-ray examinations, ultrasonic, magnetic etc.) and subject to rigorous conditions of the final commissioning.

Huta Małapanew provides the whole tubing cases with all necessary accessories for mounting in the shaft, such as screws, pads, valves etc. The company’s experience is associated with the fruitful cooperation with FUM CHOFUM S.A. – the recognisable foundry.  .