Mining industry 

For a number of years HUTA MAŁAPANEW Sp. z o.o. has been providing a set of products for mining, including both fast wearable spare parts designed for mines, and various types of elements for machine manufacturers and mining devices. 

A long-term cooperation with users allowed to achieve an optimal adjustment of structures, material types and heat treatment of castings to their exploitation conditions.

We offer as follows:

  • Elements of longwall shearers and road headers

Frames, slides, arms, planetary cage and other

  • Elements of Longwall supports

Connectors, top swages, brackets, lugs, seats, pistons, inserts, beams, cubes and other

  • Elements of conveyors

A set of details for various types of conveyors (POLTRACK, EICOTRACK), such as ladder racks, seats, connectors, chain wheels, stars, groins, and plane guide and profiles.

  • Scrapers for conveyors

We manufacture scrapers, as well as clamping rings and bits for various types of conveyors used to move outputs in mines.
Scrapers are made by means of casting from suitably selected types of cast steel resistant to abrasion and subject to heat treatment, which guarantees regaining the optimal exploitation properties.
The high resistance of scrapers was confirmed by tests performed in OBR “BUDOKOP”

  • Elements of tram cars

Wheels for cars, fenders, tie straps, heads

  • Other elements

Shackles of stirrups, members of track chains, fire-bars and elements of other devices
We also manufacture diverse types of other steel castings in accordance with individual requirements of clients and on the basis of our production capabilities.