About company 

HUTA MAŁAPANEW Spółka z o.o. was founded on 1 July 2001 and has continued the business commenced by Huta „MAŁAPANEW” S.A. in Ozimek. Jointly with steel casting and iron casting production, it has taken over Huta “MAŁAPANEW’s” 250-year casting traditions. It is one of the biggest producers of steel castings in Poland. Major manufacturing range is as follows: rough and processed castings, metallurgical rollers, machines’ parts (road wheels of overhead cranes, rolling equipment). Castings are made of roughly 200 types of cast steel and cast irons in accordance with the following standards: PN/EN, DIN, ASTM, GOST, BS or on the basis of a purchaser’s requirements.
The weight of a single rough casting can oscillate between 5 and 12000 kg. All branches of industry order castings, in particular extraction industry, metallurgy, cement and limestone industry, machine-building industry, power industry, shipbuilding etc.

Part of the production is aimed at export – mainly to European countries. Castings are made in accordance with purchaser’s documentations, as well as with a provided pattern or design. The foundry deals with discrete manufacturing and large-batch production. Available castings are rough or subject to mechanical working.
The goal of HUTA MAŁAPANEW Spółka z o.o. is to manufacture high-quality castings in line with clients’ requirements and respect to environment. In order to fulfil the goal, the company implemented the Integrated Management System which meets the followings standards: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14 001:2004.

HUTA MAŁAPANEW Spółka z o.o. has been a member of GWARANT corporate group since September 2004. On 1 December 2011 pursuant to the resolution of the District Court in Opole of VIII Commercial Division, HUTA MAŁAPANEW Sp. z o.o. took over the company “MAŁAPANEW” Armatura Sp. z o.o. in Ozimek. At present, the services of mechanical working and production of industrial fittings and other products of the company has been rendered by the company entitled HUTA MAŁAPANEW Sp. z o.o.